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"A healthy food, for a wealthy mood" or something like that...

Unfortunately, you can't control everything in life, but you can decide very precisely what you feed your body. I first had to learn to eat consciously again and not just quickly stuff something into my body.


Just three months ago, with the move to the van, I made the decision that I wanted to focus on a healthy lifestyle again.

I just saw that my fitness level and eating habits very much affect my performance and also my wellbeing.

Even my mood is affected by unhealthy eating and I'm not just talking about the classic "hangry" feeling.

But it's actually logical that if you only feel tired and exhausted, you don't have any nerves, right?

So with sports it was relatively easy, set fixed times, put on running shoes and off you go!

When it came to healthy eating, it was a bigger challenge.

What am I cooking again tonight?
Actually, I don't have time to cook for 1 hour. 5 minutes to eat and then clean up and wash up again for 1 hour!
I guess everyone is aware of these struggles...

That's why I needed a solution and I've been testing it for 3 months now.

My personal solution for healthy and fast food is called: PURORA

Under the motto EAT GOOD and FEEL GOOD.

In a nutshell, for all those who haven't followed my stories or postings lately. Purora is a solution for fast and healthy food (mainly smoothies and soups) that can be prepared in the related ThermóTwist and heated up in just a few seconds.

The concept of very fast preparation is convincing and the size of the kitchen tool (ThermóTwist) is also very handy, so that the entire kitchen is not blocked, nearly everybody got far too many kitchen utensils standing around and by the way, the design is also nice. What I find most practical is that the soups and smoothies are prepared directly in the glass from which you also eat.

So you don't need any extra dishes and therefore don't have to do a lot of washing up, which also saves time. Of course, these are all extremely important factors in #vanlife, but they also make everyday life much easier.

At Purora, you can find a diverse selection of stunning soups or smoothies from organic and sustainable cultivation in the online shop.

I just let myself be surprised by new creations and have to say that it is a pure pleasure to be able to do without flavour enhancers and lots of sugar.

The flavours are also super exciting. Ingredients that I would never have combined before are used and harmonise perfectly.

Purora has also developed its own herbal water for natural shelf life, i.e. these can be kept for 10 days from production. Chapeau!

The cool thing is that the Purora glasses can be reused for your own creations.

So I could give free rein to my creativity for my own Fraebitude morning smoothie and simply combine whatever the fridge had to offer. Here, I also got inspiration from the Purora website again, where there are also great recipe ideas

for my own implementation.

The fact is that Purora helps me tremendously to positively influence my eating habits with very little effort and shows that fast food can also be healthy and fun.

Purora will definitely stay on board at our van and accompany us on a journey across Europe.

I can't wait to see which unusual ingredients and recipes from different countries will find their way into our Purora glasses during our AdVANtures so stay tuned!

Cheers Fabian

*In cooperation with PURORA - my opinion remains unaffected by that.


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