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Bled the green mountain oasis in Slovenia

A lake nestled in a wonderful mountain landscape, plus a castle with a fantastic view, crowned by an island in the middle of this mountain lake.

That sounds like a typical Instagrammable Spot and it is! During the last roundtrip to Slovenia in September, I have now finally included this beautiful place as a shortstop.

And I must say, definitely a GOOD decision!

Bled is super easy to reach. We came by car from Austria 47 km over the Wurzenpass. On the freeway in the direction of Ljubljana take the exit Lipce or Bled, then it takes about 10 min until you can drive along the beautiful avenue through Bled with a view of the lake.

In Bled there are countless and different accommodation possibilities and there is something for every budget. From a 4****S wellness temple to a small local B&B you can choose your bed from.

We have chosen Park - Sava Hotels & Resorts because of its good offer and central location. In short, this hotel offers everything a 4 star guest is used to, what I would like to emphasize is the wellness center on the upper floor, here you have a unique view of Lake Bled and the Julian Alps. Tip: this is a very good instagrammable spot, which is not so well known ;)

But now back to the essentials and that is Bled with its wonderful scenery and sights.

We had only 2 nights in total, so the planning was very tight, in the end we didn't get everything we wanted.

After our arrival we went for a little walk to get an overview and to get there mentally. Fantastic weather, landscape, fresh air and a coffee. I am happy. Then I get the thought, that's all I need to be happy!

Knights and lords of the castle time for the second day: to sleep longer and enjoy breakfast extensively. In everyday life there is usually no time for that! And afterwards exploring the castle of Bled.

Bled Castle is situated on the castle hill (600 m), which drops steeply towards Lake Bled and is the most visited sight of Bled. The castle has existed for 1000 years now.

Today the castle houses a museum with many attractions, halls and a restaurant. The entrance fee for the castle is 13 €. This price is definitely justified for the maintenance of this beautiful building. A highlight is of course the view of the lake but also the historical preserved castle chapel is a must see when visiting Bled.

After we enjoyed the sun on a comfortable bench at Lake Bled, we used the hotel wellness center. A few round swims, reading a book, and a short nap in the sun. My batteries are finally recharged.

Ahoi, today we had another half day before we went on to Piran. And of course we were lucky, great weather again! With the rowing boat to the island of Bled.

Pure deceleration, for a hectic guy like me! You can rent the rowing boat directly at the lake for about € 25 per hour. Well invested money in my opinion to enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake and to take wonderful pictures.

With the boat you could choose the perfect angles and distances as a motive of the island Bled and shoot your perfect vacation picture as a memory. It takes about 25 minutes to row to the island, then a short stop on the island of Bled and back again. It's a little bit tight in 1 hour but it's possible ;)

It remains to say that two days in Bled are of course much too short if you want to see all the sights around Bled.

For us it is always important to take out single important points and not only to explore them but also to let them affect us.

Legend of the sunken bell

The Legend says that a young, inconsolable widow lived at Bled Castle. Her husband was killed by bandits who threw his body into the lake. So she took all her silver and gold and let a bell get manufactured as memory for her husband at the chapel on Bled island.


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