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Influencer, blogger... content creator?

2 years ago, I uploaded my first photo on Instagram, but I had no goal at all. Especially not to become a so-called influencer. I thought, I'll just drop by Insta to be up to date on the right social platform again!

From ICQ to Studi VZ,

who actually still knows Studi VZ?

From Studi VZ to Facebook

From Facebook to Instagram.

That's what my CV looks like

on the social platforms...

But it was never important to me

to post the most beautiful, hippest

photos or videos on my account

or to have a large reach, but actually

like everyone, to browse a bit

here and there, to "stalk"

and to maintain my social contacts.

Sometimes you find by chance a new passion!

Yes, 2 years ago, I had relatively late decided to become active on Instagram, that you now already know. After the first posting of travel experiences and my daily bullshit, I suddenly had the first increasing of follower numbers. My life is probably not as uninteresting as I always thought!

The mini world trip of 3 months (to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia) in 2019 has certainly contributed a large part to the fact that I suddenly enjoyed creating content so much. Capturing such great places in pictures and videos was just awesome. When I think back on it, I could immediately set off again, in the big wide beautiful world.

Why not, actually?

But one thing I have to say, in this period, I have acquired so much new know-how, as in the last 2 years.

From photography to flying drones and even writing texts. I learned something new every day and I think that's just great!

But what I actually like best about social media is the closeness of the viewer and that you can bring emotions closer so well.

If your content sucks, your community

will let you know right away. If your work is good, you'll get positive feedback

also just right away.

But now it's time to say thank you to you, my fantastic community!

Thank you for accompanying me together on this path and on my adventures...

Thank you for supporting me so fabulously this year...

I can also tell you now that

I have a lot planned for the year 2021 - YAY!

Namely something extraordinary, crazy

and actually my biggest dream. I will reveal more details in my next Blog post, so stay tuned!

Cheers Fabian


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