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The first weeks on the road in our new home on four wheels. But how was it? Find out now


So now it's over again our so called "soft opening" before it really starts for a longer time. Nevertheless, we already feel like real #Vanlifers, that's for sure.

We splashed around in a private lake

in northern Germany, experienced life

on a horse farm, discovered vibrant Amsterdam and relaxed in Zeeland

while watching the kitesurfers. Quite a good mix, I'd say.

But how did everyday life in our beloved INNOVAN Fuchur turn out?

First of all, I have to disappoint you, we didn't just argue and in bad weather the ceiling didn't fall on our heads.

Those were the most common fears of those around us, but of course we knew beforehand that the sun can't always shine and that we have to manage on 6 m2. So there was no surprise or challenge for us. It is also a fact that we are still married ;-)

What you have to keep in mind is that the errands around Van Life (water, electricity, rubbish disposal, toilet emptying, etc.) are time-consuming, but we have already integrated these to-dos perfectly into our daily routine.

But now more about Fuchur, our adventure mobile, which we immediately took to our hearts. On our van tour you already got a small insight into how comfortable we have already made it. Here and there a small plant, tablecloth, personal pictures, a cool retro poster and lots of cushions. Well, my wife might have exaggerated a bit with the cushions in terms of space, but hey, they're at least cosy!

Now to the equipment of the INNOVAN. You might not believe it, but we didn't miss anything in the 4 weeks!

The bed, with its width of 1.50 metres, is wider than our previous bed at home and also very comfortable. The mattresses are really great! Exactly our preferred firmness.

Now to our wellness oasis or simply

also called bathroom. My wife was a bit sceptical about showering in the van at first. You know, long hair and all that,

and she is always too cold, but that was

no problem at all.

The water pressure and temperature were accepted by her without any problems. Admittedly, there's not

much room to manoeuvre, but we immediately got the hang of how

best to position ourselves in the shower for maximum showering pleasure.

By the way, we are also thrilled with the storage space in the bathroom. We easily accommodated everything and here's the thing, we don't even use the side compartments at the edge. The size of the washbasin is also really great. In short, the bathroom is my wife's favourite area.

And mine? I would say that when I'm not at the wheel, it's definitely the kitchen! And not just because there's always a cold beer and an ice cream waiting for me in the fridge. No, not because of that, but because I have finally started cooking again and I find it totally relaxing. I've already conjured up some great dishes for us on the two gas plates and there's still so much I want to try out.

If you think you have to do without pizza and homemade bread in Van Life, you haven't heard of the “Omnia oven”.

The must-have for every Vanlifer, I would say. Basically everything is possible with it. Delicious casseroles, cakes, pizza, bread, even ribs and so on. We will test it all for you and then report back, of course.

Oh yes, since we will not only be on holiday for a year (it would be nice and most people think so too) but we also have to work, we are totally happy about the Skyroof. The panorama window always provides enough light and opens up the whole van.

As romantic as working on the beach or basically outside sounds, it's not so great in reality, for example when the sun is constantly blinding you and you have to clean the keyboard from sand and you can't charge your laptop.

So, enough about our first weeks in FUCHUR. I think that sums up our experiences perfectly and you can get a good idea of what it was like.

Soon we will continue and we are so excited about what is to come and we will of course take you with us again on our big AdVANture through Europe!

Cheers Fabian

*In cooperation with LMC Caravan - my opinion remains unaffected by that.


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