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Vanlife in autumn - what changes for us?

These golden months have a charm all their own - and there are phenomenal destinations that are particularly appealing right now.

We made a conscious decision to spend autumn in Portugal, or more precisely, in the Algarve, the southernmost tip of Portugal. Why? We can give you a few reasons.

The most obvious reason is of course the mild climate. You can expect very sunny and not too hot days. The Algarve boasts an average of over 300 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures in October are around 23°C.

But the cuisine and wine culture are also impressive. Portugal also has some laid-back cities like Lisbon and Porto up its sleeve!

The mix of city feeling and surfer vibes is guaranteed here, and after a break of more than two years, I really wanted to throw myself back into the water and the surfboard, and of course this region is predestined for that.

We were enchanted by the coasts in general, with their clear waters, romantic dune landscapes and rugged, ochre-coloured rock faces.

Carvoeiro Boardwalk, Algarve

Estômbar, Algarve


A big advantage in autumn is, of course, that finding a pitch is much easier and the prices are lower than in the high season.

Portugal is also generally a very camper-friendly country and the campsites are among the cheapest in Western Europe. Many Portuguese campsites have long-term pitches or many locals who only camp there at weekends.

Apart from that, not much will change for us at the moment, except that we will need something to put on in the evenings and maybe turn on the heating at night, but we are well equipped with our Truma heating (gas & electricity) in our INNOVAN anyway.

But how do we go on now?

In the next weeks we will slowly go on to Germany and it will be really exciting when we return home in December for a short trip and do our first winter camping in frosty temperatures in Austria!


Fabian & Alexandra

*In cooperation with LMC Caravan - my opinion remains unaffected by that.


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