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To visit at my franconian roots... 

Half-timbered houses, a castle high above the whole city,“three in the Weckla“, an unmistakable dialect, a city - a region I know only too well, my old home Nuremberg.

In September it was time again, Nuremberg and its surroundings were on our travel route.

Nuremberg is world-famous for its Christkindlesmarkt. But the city has so much more to offer. A lot of culture and history, but also a lot for a cool and hip lifestyle

For the weekend we booked ourselves in a B&B Hotel. I have to say that especially on city trips I prefer chain hotels like the B&B Hotel, you always get the usual quality and standards and everything is very well thought out and structured.

There are two B&B hotels in Nuremberg, we chose the one at the main station

because of its central location.

The hotel is only about 5 minutes walk away from the main station and another 5 minutes walk from the old town with its beautiful alleys and countless shopping opportunities.

Sightseeing Saturday - to explore everything in one day is actually impossible.

But you can manage the most important spots.

All these destinations can be reached by foot from the city center. 

Our first stop was at the northern edge of the old town. There the imperial castle rises above the red tiled roofs. This historical castle, also offers a magnificent view over Nuremberg and is the perfect start to get an overview of Nuremberg. 

Towards the main market back in the city center, you will find the partly gilded, multilevel „Beautiful Fountain“ and the gothic Frauenkirche from the 14th century. Also the small regional stalls offer a cool flair to store for the one or other souvenir.

Our next stop led us to the Henkersteg.

This consists of a covered wooden bridge

and also leads over the Pegnitz, to the Henkerturm - the entrance to the executioner's house.

The executioner's bridge was

built around 1320 as a connection between

the northern old town - Sebald - and the southern old town - Lorenz.

The adjoining apartment of the executioner changed - almost 100 years later - the name from "Langer Steg" to "Henkersteg" 

„What is very easy can also not be very artistic. But what is artistically rich requires diligence, effort and work“ - Albrecht Dürer

The quote also fits very well with Influencer/ Blogger, I think ;) Definitely a must, is the Albrecht-Dürer-House in the old town of Nuremberg. A medieval residential house, which was built around 1420 and got its present appearance by the modernization, which Bernhard Walther had done after 1500. From 1509 onwards, it served Albrecht Dürer as a place to live and work until his death in 1528. 

Snack Time - „Three in the Weckla“

Rarely is a meal such a cult heritage as these three bratwursts in a bread roll ;) 

In the evening we went to the restaurant Sushi Glas for a Sushi dinner. I would recommend you to book in advance.

In short, very good Sushi, nice atmosphere, good service - nice evening for two = Quality Time.

Sunday morning we were still drawn to Fürth. After a short photoshoot at the Fürth city theater, we visited my family. 

So Nuremberg has a very cool flair paired with many beautiful hystorical buildings, like the Kaiserburg.
It also captivates with its colorful, young and diverse facades.
My conclusion: Always worth a visit!


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