Travel Gadgets

My favourite travel gadgets for you, fraebitude approved of course!


When it comes to travel, I am overall anti-gadget; like many independent travellers, I’d rather pack light than lug tons of stuff around in an attempt to carry every convenience of home with me on the road. That said, some travel gadgets are essential to just about every packing list:

Travel Blogger Austria I Fraebitude

NIKON D3500 -
Solid entry-
level camera!

It took me a long time to invest in an SLR camera. But I haven't regretted this investment since the first second.


If you get to grips with the basic functions of the camera and a few photography skills. The first feelings of success won't take long!

Travel Blogger Austria I Fraebitude

DJI POCKET 2 - The DJI Pocket 2 is a tiny pocket-sized camera!

It's extremely handy and compact and perfect for capturing your most memorable moments. With the DJI Pocket 2, you can stabilise movement and capture sharp photos and smooth videos.


It's simply magical and ready to go at any time.

Travel Blogger Austria I Fraebitude

DJI Mavic Mini-
A dream for cool videos! 

I bought the drone mainly to supplement video sequences. Because of the small size and the weight of only 249 gr. and the high-resolution camera, I decided for the DJI Mavic Mini. Especially when travelling, size and weight always play a big role, and if the video quality fits also, you can't really go wrong.


Absolute purchase recommendation from me to anyone who wants to bring a different perspective into his content.